Registrations for 2018/2019 Season
Where: Lorn Park Club Rooms
Dates: Friday 17 & 24 August – 4:30 to 6:30pm
Saturday 18 & 25 August – 9:30 to 11:30am

General Instructions

1. New players – are welcome to attend and complete necessary paperwork. New Juniors, please bring your Birth Certificate for sighting – proof of age.

2. Existing 2017/18 players – are encouraged to register & pay Online. Click here to take you directly there. Don’t forget to update any changes (eg address, phone number etc) & if you have forgotten your MyCricket information, please read step 9.

3. Registration Days – At the Lorn Clubhouse there is no facility to process EFTPOS transactions. Payment methods are cash and cheque only.

4. Active Kids Rebate – $100 Vouchers – Voucher redemptions are now available, via only. These vouchers, if they have not been used already for your child’s winter sports can be used to reduce the cost to your family for your child/childrens registration fees. Click here for more information

5. Introducing this Season (1) Woolworth’s Junior Blasters (5-7 yrs) & (2) Woolworth’s Master Blasters (7-9 yrs) – Registration for both of these has to be done through for 2 reasons: (1) To claim your Active Kids rebate & (2) To order Shirt sizes especially for the Junior Blasters.

6. If you are a Junior wishing to play Seniors then you need to register in both Juniors and Seniors. Your registration fees for Juniors covers your Senior Registration + $5 each senior game you play.

7. A new Club Polo Dress shirt has been introduced this season. The cost of the shirt is being absorbed in the registration fee of fully financial Senior players & can be collected from 24th August. (Note: 1st & 2nd Grade two day games will still be played in white playing shirts).

8. Additional club gear including training gear will be available for purchase on Registration days

9. Lost your MyCricket information?
No worries. There is the ability to retrieve it all from the registration process. Your email will need to be the same as we have listed on your record.

10. Changed or lost email?
If you have changed or lost your email please fill out the form to the right. We will look it up and reset it for you before visiting the club house registration days.

Seniors 1st – 5th Grades

All existing 2017/18 players are encouraged to register and pay through MyCricket this year. Any new player to the club must visit the Lorn Clubhouse and ensure a MyCricket record is created or updated and a clearance requested when required.


Junior Registered Available for Seniors $0 + $5 each senior game day
Seniors Bulk


$340 N/A
Seniors Bulk
Unemployed/Full Time Tertiary/Secondary
$240 N/A
Seniors Weekly
$190 + $10 each game day
Seniors Weekly
Unemployed/Full Time Tertiary/Secondary
$160 + $5 each game day
Senior Backup
$30 for Black Playing Shirt and/OR $50
for New Club Polo Dress Shirt
$0 + $10 each game day

Juniors 9 – 16 Years

All existing 2017/18 players are encouraged to register and pay through MyCricket this year. Any new player to the club must visit the Lorn Clubhouse and present a Birth Certificate and complete paperwork to ensure a MyCricket record is created or updated.


Junior Bulk or 1st Child $190
Junior Bulk 2nd Child $170
Junior Bulk 3rd Child $150
Junior Weekly or 1st Child $120 + $5 each game day
Junior Weekly 2nd Child $110 + $5 each game day
Junior Weekly 3rd Child $100 + $5 each game day

Woolworths Junior Blasters (5-7 Yrs) & Master Blasters (7-10 Yrs)

Cricket Australia is introducing new cricket programs for 5 – 9 Year Olds this season.
(Note: Woolworth’s Junior Cricket Blast will replace the Mini Cricket Program NSCC ran last season.)

• Registration and payment for both of these programs is to be made Online through
• Cost for both programs is $99.00
• Active Kids Vouchers can be used to cover the cost.

Woolworth’s Junior Blasters (5-7 Yrs)

• Will be held at Lorn Park, from 5pm – 6pm, on Tuesday afternoons from 23rd October (this date to be confirmed).
• Junior Blasters will receive a bat, ball, t-shirt & a bucket hat as part of their registration.

Woolworth’s Master Blasters (7-10 Yrs)

• This is a mini Big Bash competition and details of venue/times etc will be forwarded to registered players when available.
• Master Blasters will receive a NSCC shirt & Cap. All other equipment needed will be supplied for the games.

Other Information
• More details about these programs can be found at
• Once registered, the club will contact each family personally with more details about the structure of the programs via email.
• The programs will be run by club volunteers and any parent helper who would like to get involved.