One of the identities associated with Norths Club in recent years has been Hunter Calder.

As a Club sponsor through the Lorn Learning Centre, Chairman of the Lorn Recreation Board and a keen follower of Norths’ home games and the Club’s fortunes, Hunter became very closely associated with the Club.

On Presentation Nights he brightened up proceedings with his “Year in Review” which provided a humorous insight into the “on and off field exploits” of some of the Club members. As Hunter outlined the particular award, the member was required to stand and “take his medicine”.

Hunter’s “way with words” is shown in the following sample from the 1998-99 Presentation Night: Longest Hit of the Year – Brett Taylor at Lorn Park. On his way to compiling a splendid 171 runs. Squizzy increased the insurance premiums on all the surrounding dwellings by leaving a calling card on most of them. None more so than on the Madden domain previously believed to be impervious to hailstones as large as cricket balls. Upon hearing the thump of Squizzy’s ball on her roof, the lady of the house ran out screaming, ‘The house is falling!’ It is reliably reported that local residents have invested in bicycle helmet for use when gardening on Saturday afternoons. Never mind about the neighbours Squiz, just keep raining cricket balls next season!”