This period saw some further pavilion and ground improvements.

Mainly due to the efforts of the Maitland Rugby Club the new Club room was refurbished in the Lorn Park pavilion. As its share of the cost, Northern Suburbs Cricket Club contributed half of the expenses with $8000 being paid back over four years, together with a yearly maintenance fee of $500. The final debt was repaid by the end of the 1991-92 season.

The Club further benefited by the development of Marcellin Park and its facilities as the headquarters of Maitland Rugby Union. This meant that Lorn Park had much less “wear and tear” during the football season and the cricket Club had greater use of the pavilion as its social venue and club centre.

In 1994-95 there was an extensive $12000 redevelopment of the oval and wickets. The three centre wickets were re-turfed and a new irrigation system was installed. Maitland City Council paid for the re-turfing while the irrigation system funding came from a Sport and Recreation grant, Northern Suburbs Club, the Oval Board and Stockers and Partridge of Paterson.

A set of wicket covers was also purchased following the Association’s decision to make covers compulsory for all first grade grounds. This proved to be of considerable benefit in allowing matches to be played that otherwise would have been washed out.