Apart from the above vintage seasons the Club also had more than a sprinkling of successes during the decade up to 1997.

The Club won two more Club Championships in 1992-93 and 1995-96 – making it five out of ten Club Championships in the first ten seasons after amalgamation.

Among other successes were a C grade Division 3 major premiership in 1989-90; a second grade minor premiership in 1991-92; a first grade minor premiership and fourth grade minor and major premierships in 1992-93; a third grade minor and major premiership in 1993-94; a third grade minor premiership and a fifth grade major premiership in 1994-95; and a first and fourth grade minor premiership in 1995-96.

A major disappointment during this period was the performance of the first grade in 1993-94. The team went through the entire season without recording a single win to finish at the bottom of the points table.

Another relative low spot was in 1995-96 when all five teams made the Finals only to be defeated in all matches.