Although the local Association went into recess for the remainder of the war period, the first grade clubs combined to enter teams in the Newcastle competition. These teams were organised by the Maitland District Cricket Club that was formed in 1942.

The Maitland teams included a number of cricketers who played with Northern Division Club either before or after the war. Among these were Herb Patfield Junior, Athel D’Ombrain, Noel Proctor, Jim Lindsay, Jack Mitchell, Norm Mudd, Colin Johnston, Alan Johnston, Bob Brown, Norm Robards and Brian Price.

These were later joined in the 1945-46 season by Ken Smith, Norm Dolman, Hugh Norrie and Eddie Hill following their discharge from the Army.

The Maitland Club used Lorn Park as its home ground. This was fortunate for the local Club as it meant that the ground was kept in reasonable condition during the war years while most other grounds in the district suffered from lack of maintenance and deteriorated to a deplorable condition with grass and weeds up to two feet high.

The home games of the “Lucerne Lumpers” (as the Maitland team was often referred to in the press) attracted a strong following of local supporters “despite the primitive accommodation and limited facilities for seating and general comfort”.