The origins of the Northern Suburbs Cricket Club date back to 1903. In that year the local Association, then known as the Hunter River District Cricket Association, decided to introduce a District system of cricket in place of the Club system that had previously operated since the foundation of the Association in 1894. This was done in an attempt to revive the flagging local competition that had declined to the stage where there were only three teams left in the senior competition. It was also hoped that the new system would help to even out the competition that had previously been dominated by the Albion and Pearl Clubs. Under the new District format Maitland was divided into three cricket Divisions – Northern, Southern and Western. The Northern Division was defined as comprising the area bounded by the northern side of High Street from High Street station to the Rutherford Hotel, including Oakhampton, Lorn and Horseshoe Bend. Two general meetings marked the final stages in the formation of a new Club in the Northern Division area. The first was held at the Belmore Hotel on August 31, 1903. This meeting considered a code of rules for the management of the Club, that had previously been drawn up by a sub-committee, and appointed John Kerrigan and Frank Drew as delegates to the Association’s Annual General Meeting.At the second general meeting held on September 30, 1903 at Frank Drew’s residence in Lorn the Northern Division Club was formally constituted, the rules (25 in number) were submitted and adopted with some minor alterations and the office bearers and committee for the new Club were appointed. John Rourke Senior was elected as the first President; John Kerrigan as Secretary; and Harold Johnston as Treasurer.