During the 1940-41 season it became increasingly apparent that it would be difficult for the local competition to continue under war-time conditions. Military enlistments, the draft call up for compulsory training for home defence, petrol rationing and the difficulty of obtaining leave from local army training camps made it hard for clubs to field teams on a regular basis.

At Northern Division’s 1941 Annual Meeting the President, Will Johnston, reported that “military duties affected the majority of the players and the constant changing of the teams selected was unavoidable”. Reference was made to Dick Holmes who, it was believed, was a prisoner-of-war from the campaign in Greece and the meeting decided to forward a Christmas hamper to him. It was also reported that another member of the A grade team, Max Hopkins, had enlisted and was serving with the RAAF.

The 1941-42 season did get under way but after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7,1941, the Association’s competitions were abandoned at the Christmas break.