Following on the ground improvements of the early twenties (the new pavilion, turf wicket and picket fence) further improvements were carried out to Lorn Park in the period up to 1941.

In the mid-twenties the Bolwarra Shire Council put in a lot of work grading and top-dressing the outfield. In 1929 when H. Heydon, the NSWCA Secretary inspected the oval “he expressed great pleasure at the ground, wicket and surroundings of Lorn Park” and suggested the Club ask the Bolwarra Council to have the ground rolled with a steam roller. This work was duly carried out. The Club also received twelve pounds ten shillings as its share of a NSWCA grant to the Association for the improvement of turf wickets in the district.

There are a number of references in the Club’s Annual Reports to the repainting of the picket fence and the pavilion. At the 1929-30 Annual Meeting it was reported that “Mr J.E. Chant promised to donate enough paint to paint the oval fence and pavilion, whilst Mr. D’Ombrain promised to donate necessary timber for a slip fielding machine”. At the 1938-39 Annual Meeting it was reported that “the oval fence was painted by voluntary labour with paint kindly supplied by our good friends, the Bolwarra Shire Council” and that volunteers would be needed in the coming season to paint the pavilion. At the same meeting it was also reported that a second-hand motor mower had been purchased from the Lorn Park Bowling Club and that it would be “a great asset, although not fully paid up”.

In 1938 Lorn Park was “re-modelled” by Bolwarra Shire Council. This work had apparently been made necessary by inroads into the previous Oval area by the Lorn Park Bowling Club’s extension of greens and facilities. While this work put the Oval out of action for the first half of the 1938-39 season, by the end of the season the Oval was reported as being “in fine condition”.