Northern Division Club had its first premiership success when it won the Junior Badge competition in the 1905-06 season.

After finishing runner-up in four out of its first five seasons in the senior competition, Northern eventually won the Johnston Cup for the senior premiership in the 1908-09 season when it won four out of its five matches. However, the victory was a rather hollow one as by that stage the senior competition had again declined to the point where it was described by an Association official as “practically a farce, with only two Clubs remaining in it”.

By 1911 Northern Division was the only District Club that had survived and as a result the 1911-12 season saw a return to Club cricket which had operated prior to 1903.

In the period leading up to 1915 when local competition cricket was suspended because of World War 1, Northern Division won two further Senior first grade premierships – in 1912-13 and 1914-15.