Prior to 1915 a matter of concern constantly expressed at Annual Meetings was the lack of a home ground for the A grade team to play upon and practise. For instance at the 1905-06 Annual Meeting John Kerrigan commented that “if the club had a ground at its disposal, it would advance by leaps and bounds”.

There was a concrete pitch at Lorn Park but prior to 1915 this was only used for home matches for the B grade team.

In the early 1920’s substantial improvements were carried out at Lorn Park that was to transform the situation. A lot of the credit for these changes must go to Bob Lindsay Senior who was Club President at the time of the major improvements. As Will Johnston stated in 1935, when paying tribute to the Club’s former President: “The Lorn Oval was practically reclaimed from a bush ‘paddock and developed under the guiding influence of Mr. Lindsay, to its present state, which was a credit to all concerned.”

By September 1921 a wooden pavilion had been erected on Lorn Park using the voluntary labour of Club members and timber supplied by the Bolwarra Shire Council. Mr T.W. Silk supplied the plans and specifications for the pavilion and Mr. Abe Pilgrim supervised its construction. In recognition of his assistance the Club made Abe Pilgrim a Life Member.

In 1921 the Club obtained permission from the Shire Council to put down a turf wicket. This work was completed by the end of the 1921-22 season.

During the 1922-23 season a picket fence was erected around the oval. This was done with voluntary labour and with the support of the Bolwarra Shire Council which again assisted by subsidising the cost of the material on a pound for pound basis with an amount of thirty eight pounds ten shillings.

The 1922-23 Annual Report recorded that “during the past two years improvements to the oval conservatively estimated at 300 pounds had been made”. The following season’s Report noted that the “innovation of charging wicket fees” had been a great success and that as a result the Club had been in a financial position to appoint Mr D. Ross as caretaker of the Oval.

With all these changes the Maitland Mercury commented: “The Northerners have said that they are going to make theirs the best oval in the district and the great amount of voluntary work put in there by them shows that it is no idle boast.”