The Association was re-formed at the start of the 1945-46 season and conducted an All-age and Under 21 Junior competitions for the local players, while the Maitland Club was given permission to enter first and second grade teams in the Newcastle competition.

However, the Northern Division Club was not revived until the following season when the Association reintroduced local competitions for A, Band C grades. A Club meeting held on August 16, 1946 at Johnston’s Boot Store elected Will Johnston as President, Ken Smith as Secretary and Max Hopkins as Treasurer.

At the request of the Association to overcome a bye the newly re-formed Club entered two teams in the A grade and one in the C grade, rather than A, B, and C grades. Although the Club was weakened by a number of its leading players, including Col Johnston, playing with the Association team in the Newcastle competition, the A grade No.1 team was successful in winning the premiership and the final – a feat that the Club had not achieved since 1932. The win in the final against East Maitland was particularly meritorious as Northern was behind after the first innings.