At the end of the 1940-41 season Northern Division held a Club Reunion.The idea for the day was suggested by Athel D’Ombrain, a current player at that time and former Secretary of the Club, and it was taken up enthusiastically by members and officials. A match between Past and Present players was organised for March 29, 1941 at Lorn Park.

The Past team was captained by Will Johnston and included Jack Scobie, Herb Patfield Senior, Wilfred Jarrett, Les Manners, Sid Leiper, Noel Proctor, Roy Oakes, Lindsay Bell, Bob Conlin, Harold Lanham and Clarry Howard. One disappointment was that the great all-rounder, Gordon Bell, was unable to return to Maitland for the match. However, he did come back to play in another Reunion match held four years later.

The Present team was captained by Col Johnston and included Ken Smith, Alan Johnston, Jack Drane, Norm Mudd, Hugh Norrie, Jim Lindsay, Norm Dolman, Athel D’Ombrain, Harry Kerrigan and Clem Hingston.

The Past hit up 187 with Wilfred Jarrett still showing some of his old form in top-scoring with 63 in an innings that included four sixes and four fours. In reply after an opening partnership of 85 by Col Johnston and Ken Smith, the Present scored 221.

The “Mercury” reported that “there was delightful batting on both sides with 440 runs scored in 200 minutes.The fielding of the old-timers was described as surprisingly good but lack of condition told in the bowling”.

Present for the Reunion were some of those who had been associated with the early pre-World War 1 years of the Club. Among these were Elias Bowden, Frank Drew, Jack Scobie, Felton Norrie, Jack Proctor, Will and Harold Johnston.

The match was followed on the Saturday night by a dinner at the Imperial Hotel where several toasts were honoured. The President, Will Johnston, congratulated the present members. “on the spirit in which they played the game, and what they were doing to uphold the traditions of Northern Division”. Les Manners presented the “Pop-eye Shield” to Col Johnston, the captain of the winninq Present team, but said that the Past would take it from them next year. Wilfred Jarrett was presented with the “Epsom Bowl”, the trophy for the highest scorer.

The “Mercury” reported that in all respects the Reunion was “a particularly happy day and that the reminiscences indulged in were not the least pleasant part of the function”.