Graham Thomas

Club members were saddened to learn in 1972 of the death of Flight Lieutenant Graham Thomas.

Graham, aged 25, was killed when the RAAF Caribou aircraft which he was piloting crashed in New Guinea. At the time he was flying a group of school Army cadets from Lae to Port Moresby. The plane came down in a heavily-timbered and ravine-studded mountainside about 18 miles south of Wau.

Graham had previously played with Northern Districts and Black Hill Clubs. He was a top class left hand opening bowler who could have gone on to considerable success in the sport.

Graham’s brother, Jeffrey also played with Northern Districts Club.
George Wolstenholme Jnr

On a brighter note, Club members were pleased to hear in 1975-76 of an honour accorded in New Guinea to one of their former players, George Wolstenholme Jnr.

He was appointed captain of the first Papua-New Guinea cricket team to play in an international match, shortly after their independence.

He captained the team in matches in Port Moresby and Lae against the West Indies, prior to the start of their Australian Test tour.

At the time, George was a member of the Australian Army forces stationed in Port Moresby for 18 months and had been playing with a Defence Forces team in the local competition where he had won the best and fairest for New Guinea cricket the previous season.

Prior to going to New Guinea, George had played two seasons in first grade with Northern Districts from 1969-71. In his first season he had topped the Club’s batting average.

On his return from New Guinea he was to resume playing at a later stage with the Club.