This period saw some more changes by the Association in the format of the competition.

The system of Club cricket continued but in 1974-75 the competition was re-organised into two Divisions. First Division consisted of clubs with teams in first, second and third grades playing a series of two and one day matches, while Second Division was made up of A, Band C grades. Individual grading of players was also abolished with First Division clubs being allowed to grade their own players.

Northern Districts was one of the eight Clubs that were included in First Division. The following season the number of First Division clubs was increased to ten with the inclusion of Morpeth and East Maitland United.

A Club Championship and a Player of the Year Award were introduced for each Division.

In addition, teams leading on points at the end of the competition rounds would be deemed to be minor premiers, and the winners of the finals would be the major premiers.

Another change that occurred during this period was the introduction in 1970-71 of semi-finals to replace the system of a minor and major final that had operated for two seasons. The semis were played in all grades on the Saturday and Sunday following the last competition game, with first playing third and second playing fourth. The final was then played on the following weekend.