The competition format underwent a number of changes during this period. The system of two Divisions which had operated for three seasons from 1974 was voted out and the 1977-78 season saw a return to one Division with three grades. The same ten teams were retained in first grade with the exception that Morpeth amalgamated with Hinton to form Morpeth-Hinton.

The following season in a controversial decision the Board relegated Morpeth (which had split from Hinton) to second grade and promoted Branxton in its place. E.M.U. changed its name to Tenambit and a fourth grade competition was also introduced.

In 1979-80 the first grade competition was reduced from 10 to 8 teams with Police Boys being relegated and Branxton opting not to enter first grade. There were two name changes with GUOOF-City becoming City United and Black Hill becoming Bolwarra.

The 1981-82 seon saw the reintroduction of a system of District and Club cricket. The eight District Clubs were defined as Northern Districts, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Bolwarra, Weston Workers, Raymond Terrace, City United and Tenambit-Morpeth. Unlike the previous District systems introduced in 1903 and 1947, players were not required to play with the district in which they resided.

The District competition was to be played in first, second and third grades while the Club competition was divided into A, Band C grades.