The Club decided to hold a Reunion in 1960 “to mark the Club’s 50th season in the Maitland competition”.

The notion that the Club would be fifty years old was a mistaken one based on the misconception that the Club was founded in 1909, when actually the correct date was 1903. For many years the Annual Reports of Northern Districts Club had the words “Founded in 1909” listed under the Club name on the front cover. Later it was amended to “1905” but even this was still two years out. Possibly the confusion arose with the loss of Club records and the time lapses in competition that had occurred during the two wars, so that the mistake was simply perpetuated.

Anyway the Club decided to celebrate its “50th year” with a Reunion social for the evening of Saturday, October 8, 1960 with a cricket match to follow on the afternoon of October 9 at Lorn Park.
In the match between Past and Present Players more than 460 runs were scored in the four hours play.

The Past Team consisting of former playing members of the Club, hit up 233 with Norm Dolman scoring 56 and Athel D’Ombrain rattling up a quick 50, both scoring almost entirely in boundaries.

For the Present team Col Elliott hit a breezy 57 and Dave Rutherford a fast 40. Whether by collusion or coincidence, the match ended in a tie when the then captain of the Club’s first grade team, Col Johnston was run out in trying to steal the winning run.