In 1961-62 the Club hosted a visit by a team from the Cricket Club of India. The match was played against an Old Collegians X1 at Lorn Park. The organisation for the match was mainly done by Colin Johnston who the previous season had gone on an Old Collegians World Tour which involved 65 matches in 53 countries.

The Maitland side was made up of Sonny de Carvalho, John Hayward, Jimmy de Courcy, Doug Walters, Col Johnston, Col Elliott, David de Carvalho, David Evans, Dave Rutherford, Doctor John Blomley and Bruce O’Sullivan.

Dave Rutherford has two distinct memories of the match and the entertainment afterwards:

1. The art of using spit to keep the ball shiny was so aptly demonstrated by Doctor John Blomley … As a young spinner waiting his turn at the bowling crease wishing that this man would suffer a sudden loss of mouth moisture, I can still see the Indian batsmen playing and missing his late inswingers and outswingers. His match figures were 6-33 …………

2. The other memory I have of this game was the dinner put on by Col at his home where his wife had put on all the Indian curry dishes possible. From one who was considered as being good on the tooth, I can still remember the ample portion of all these curry dishes I was given, and the look of surprise which must have shown on my face when taking the first few mouthfuls, much to the enjoyment of the elders, but found that as long as you have a large jug of water beside you no finer curry dishes could be found .. “