During the 1966 Chegwyn match a new pavilion and grandstand at Lorn Park were officially opened by E.G.Macmillan, President of the NSWCA and Chairman of the Board of Control, who was also the brother of former leading local player Ross Macmillan.

The new brick pavilion can clearly be seen as the background in the 1966 Chegwyn group photo compared to the wooden pavilion background in the 1962 group photo.

The new pavilion was constructed by Maitland City Council and was a marked improvement on the previous structure which dated back to 1921.

One of the Club’s amenities that would have been transferred over to the new pavilion was a second hand refrigerator that had been purchased by the Club in 1961-62.

In front of the pavilion a barricade net had also been erected in the early sixties by the Maitland Baseball Association and this served as the back netting for the practice wickets used by the Club.