Northern Division Club had originally been formed back in 1903 when district cricket was introduced. Even after this system was abandoned in 1911, the Club still continued on with the same name.

In 1947 the Association once again introduced a district system of cricket, whereby players were obliged to play with the Club in the district where they resided. The boundaries of the seven District Clubs were clearly defined. Northern Districts’ Club boundaries were “on the west by the old Bolwarra shire boundary, thence on the south by the Hunter River to the track joining the Paterson and Hunter Rivers at Phoenix Park, thence the Paterson River to the Wallalong crossing, thence a direct line to Bowthorne, thence north to the Woodville-Seaham road, thence a line due north”.

For the new Northern Districts Club the change did not involve any major upheavals. The Club was fortunate in that it had already established strong district identification and this had continued even after district cricket was abandoned.

Apparently there was an attempt to retain a separate identity for the old Northern Division Club, but it did not take long for the old to merge with the new.

The new club more or less took over from the old Northern Division Club which supplied most of its players and executives. As the first Annual Report for 1947-48 of the new Club pointed out: “Having as our guardian angel, the old Northern Division C.C., we were slightly more fortunate than those Clubs such as Western Suburbs which had to start from scratch.”

All that was really involved was a name change and the loss and gain of a few players – Noel Proctor for example was lost to Western Suburbs, while Ernie Kent was gained from Robins Club.